Shopping for a good woman

The supermarket offers the fantastic combination of food and females — use our guide to the contents of her trolley to determine whether she’s worth a trip down the vegetable aisle


Not only can you lick it off her s a good source of boron, a mineral that helps the body metabolize and utilize estrogen, the female sex hormone.


Full of B vitamins, which will help ante her hormone levels. Plus, they’re a good source of vitamin A which is essential for healthy, shiny hair. And you’re partial to scrambled eggs for breakfast, too, right?

Soya Milk

“This can help relieve menstrual symptoms,” says Dr Kathy Matthews, co-author of Super Foods: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life (Bantam, £7.99). So pour her a glass If ‘you’re on the receiving end of bad PMT.

Rooibos Tea

Drinking caffeine-free teas – pronounced roo-bosh – will keep her skin clear. Now just clear the way for your approach…


According to research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, simple carts such as pasta or rice are natural anti-depressants.


Loss of sex drive is sometimes down to a woman’s low levels of testosterone – the hormone responsible for orgasms too. Steak will soon fix that.


Not only does it protect against prostate cancer in you, it also helps keep her clear of ovarian and breast cancer. This s what’s good for both of you.


The smelly stuff contains loads of the feel-good-food substance phenylalanine, which helps improve her mood and get her primed for sex. Offer her a nibble of cheese from the deli counter and watch her melt like brie on a summer’s day.

Iceland Cereal

Many varieties are laden with sugar – Frosted Shreddies contain about four heaped teaspoons per 45g serving. And according to a report published in the Annals of New York Academy of Science, sugar causes premature ageing.


If she’s addicted to it, it’s likely she won’t taste all that good when you go down on her. Any strong flavored foods, including coffee, garlic, even Brussels sprouts, come out in her bodily fluids: that means sweat, saliva and vaginal juices. Beware: this rule holds true for you too.

If she’s cleared the shelves of cranberry juice, she may be suffering from cystitis, so sex won’t be on the cards. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder and cranberries contain an ingredient that prevents bacteria adhering to the lining of the bladder, thereby preventing The spread of infection.


One survey claims that 50% of women prefer chocolate to sex, so if her basket’s full of the stuff you could be in for a joyless relationship.